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Strategic Organizational Change is the only book that shows consultants and managers how to do organizational change. Believe me, after 20 years of consulting, I have read them all!”

Tom Moore
Organizational Change Consultant


(Second Edition)

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Cover of Strategic Organizational Change
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Part I - The Practice of Organizational Change (OC)

Chapter 1 - The Strategy-Driven Approach - [ Read This Free Chapter Now ]

Chapter 2 - Foundations of OC Practice: A Brief Review

Chapter 3 - Process Consulting: A Practice Model

Chapter 4 - Leading Versus Facilitating Change

Chapter 5 - Data Gathering

Chapter 6 - Feedback, Diagnosis, and Action Planning

Part II - OC Interventions - Tools of the Profession

Chapter 7 - Strategic Planning Interventions

Chapter 8 - Structural Interventions

Chapter 9 - Organizational Culture Interventions

Chapter 10 - Human Process Interventions

Chapter 11 - Management Development Interventions

Chapter 12 - Organizational Learning Interventions

Part III - Other Issues in OC

Chapter 13 - Evaluating OC

Chapter 14 - Globalization and OC

Chapter 15 - OC, IT, and the 21st Century

Detailed Table of Contents - [ Click To Read Now ]


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"This book's straight-forward, practitioner-oriented approach provides a great deal of clarity compared to other titles I've read on the subject. It takes the mystery out of organizational change and development."

Jonathan McCraw
Wachovia Bank Corporation

"Change management is one of the most important tasks of managers today. Dr. Beitler's book provides helpful guidance for managers who are planning and implementing change. His book is easy to read, and is filled with useful information."

Dr. Thomas Peuntner
Manager, Industrial Relations
John Deere Corp.
Mannheim, Germany

“I have been using your book, Strategic Organizational Change, during our Call Center Initiative Project, part of our overall business improvement process. Your book serves as my personal 'Bible.' It is a 'must read' because organizational change is inevitable.”

Dot Latimer
Piedmont Natural Gas

Strategic Organizational Change is a must read for every leader who wants to learn how to make a sustained difference in his or her organization. Mike’s wisdom is concise and practical.”

Lenora Billings-Harris, CSP
Author of “The Diversity Advantage”

Writers Digest Review of Strategic Organizational Change

“This book is easy to read, well-researched and very thorough. The author effectively balances research, tips, and anecdotes throughout the book, covering a broad spectrum of advice for anyone - managers, consultants, students - wanting to learn more about how to smoothly orchestrate and implement organizational change in the modern-day workplace. The book is smart, interesting, and full of useful advice for readers. The subject is specialized and focused, but still has a very broad appeal - especially in this day and age, when corporate mergers and budget- and staff-cutting policies are everyday occurrences. The author's writing style is tight, clean, straightforward and informative.”

Strategic Organizational Change is an extraordinary guide for leaders and managers who are responsible for leading change.”

Phil Bowers, CEO
Professional Skills Development, Inc.

“An enjoyable and educational read, not two words that go together very often.”

Capt. Ellen L. Dorey
United States Air Force
Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio

"Mike's book contains valuable insights and systematic procedures we can use in our organization."

Steve Anderson
Vice President
Krispy Kreme Doughnut Corp.

"This [book, Strategic Organizational Change] is a necessity for any personal library! I am a PhD-ABD (doctoral candidate) and have done vast research on organizational change over the past four years. Dr. Beitler's writing covers the topic expansively and thoroughly. His books are not filled with the usual dry-academic and mundane language found in similar books, but is amazingly very interesting, filled with sound theory and application--yet, backed with supporting academic literature tucked away for verification and further reference. His writing style is very comfortable, easy to process, yet academically thorough and sound.

If you want to know more about how organizations work, how to motivate people or how to be a more effective leader, this book is for you! I use it regularly as a reference as an instructor in my own college classes I teach. Likewise, I have also found it quite helpful in my own research work as a doctoral scholar.

I highly recommend picking up a copy of Dr. Beitler's work. It will be one of the best investments you can make in a book."

Dr. Paul Gerhardt, Jr.
"The Organizational Doctor"
Seattle, WA

"Being experienced in the chaos that poorly managed change can create within organizations, I fully appreciate the concise and insightful approach to managing change that Dr. Beitler takes in his book [Strategic Organizational Change]. Morale, productivity, and service all suffer when change adversely affects an organization. From the start, Dr. Beitler takes a strategy driven approach and helps the reader to understand obstacles and resistance change agents will encounter.

My favorite part of the book is "Write down everything you don't know". Wow! This is a powerful concept. Performance Appraisal ranks a close second. Honestly appraising the performance of an employee may be uncomfortable at times, but it is essential to managing change effectively.

Having completed countless change projects, I found myself nodding my head and laughing in places at the accurate, real world examples that Dr. Beitler uses. There were Aha moments too when he described incidents that helped me understand my own experiences more fully.

I highly recommend this book for any person who is or aspires to enter the field of management. As managers, we are all agents of change. Strategic Organizational Change prepares the manager for what inevitably lies ahead."

Richard A. Rorrer
Tyco Electronics
Burlington, NC

"After 30 years of organizational change (as an executive, and as a consultant), I didn't think we needed yet another book on Organizational Change...

I had read (and met) most of the organizational change gurus: Beckhard, Argyris, Burke, Schein (both Edgar and Victoria), Kotter, Drucker, and others. Nobody doubts that their contributions are classics.

Admittedly, I was convinced that it had all "been said." When I first saw Michael Beitler's book, I wasn't the least bit interested. But then, I took a look at the Table of Contents. Ultimately, I read it from cover to cover.

I was surprised and impressed. "Strategic Organizational Change" offers a systematic approach to organizational change. A systematic approach is the book's major contribution to the field. Many books offer inspiring insights into particular aspects of organizational change (such as the works of the writers listed above). But, "Strategic Organizational Change" offers the only systematic approach.

While I see that I have developed an approach to organizational change similar to Beitler's, it took many years (and many painful mistakes) to get there. I wish this book had been available 30 years ago.

I recommend "Strategic Organizational Change" to both managers and consultants."

Tom Moore
Organizational Change Consultant

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