Business Books

Cover of Strategic Organizational Change

You will learn:
  • How to lead or facilitate change more effectively
  • How to diagnose organizational problems (and opportunities!)
  • How to systematically gather and analyze data (using the Beitler approach) before committing to a change effort
  • How to determine the proper type of intervention (strategic, structural, cultural, or process) and how to implement it successfully!
  • How to prepare for the changes that will challenge organizations in the 21st century
  • And more...
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Cover of Strategic Organizational Learning 2nd Edition

You will learn:
  • How to promote and reward self-directed learning
  • How to capture and transfer critical knowledge
  • How to dramatically improve management and professional development, at home and abroad
  • How to build a corporate university that will provide an "umbrella" for strategic learning
  • How to meet the learning and performance challenges of the 21st century
  • And more...
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Political Books

Cover of Rational Individualism

Rational Individualism is Dr. Michael Beitler's objectivist and libertarian defense of individual rights, limited government, and captitalism. Learn...
  • Why capitalism is the only moral social-political system
  • How government is expanding at the expense of your individual liberties
  • Why socialism always leads to brute force
  • How socialists are taking control of America's government
  • What the current political debates are really about
  • What freedom-loving Americans can do!
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Business DVDs

Cover of Overcoming Resistance to Change DVD

Join Mike at a Recent Workshop and Learn:
  • How to Identify Which Phase of Change You are in and How to Respond

  • How to Follow 8 Simple Guidelines that will Dramatically Improve Your Leadership Effectiveness

  • How to Lead During Denial, Resistance, and Exploration

  • How to Get Employee Buy-In Quickly!
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